Innovative Initiatives


Sickle Cell Disease (SCD), a genetic condition, is widespread among the tribal population in India where about 1 in 86 births among STs have SCD. It affects haemoglobin (responsible for carrying oxygen in the body) in red blood cells, which can result in morbidity and mortality via distinct pathways. Therefore, an early detection and treatment of SDC is of utmost importance for improved health conditions as a nation.

The Ministry of Tribal Affairs (MoTA) has launched the Sickle Cell Disease Support Corner to bridge the gap between patients and health care services in tribal areas. The Portal provides a web-based patient powered registration system which will collate all information related to SCD among tribal people in India, including proving them a platform to register themselves if they have the disease or the trait.

The support corner envisioned as a one stop portal with information around SCD in Tribal Regions of India. The portal will give access to real time data to every visitor through a dashboard, online self-registration facility, and will act as a knowledge repository with information about the disease and various government initiatives. The National Council on Sickle Cell Disease has also been constituted of senior officials of GoI and health care private and public bodies for timely and effective action.

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Nation-wide screening conducted by MoTA and ICMR (2016-18):