Parliament and Coordination

  • Overview
  • Monthly Summary of the Ministry: 2022-23
  • Monthly Summary of the Ministry: 2021-22
  • Monthly Summary of the Ministry: 2020-21
  • Monthly Summary of the Ministry: 2019-20
  • Monthly Summary of the Ministry: 2018-19
  • Parliament Questions/ Answers
  • Matters relating to Parliament session like distribution and collection of Parliament Questions and replies, to prepare copies/sets of the answers of Parliament Questions and submit it to various divisions of Parliament House for onwards circulation amongst Hon’ble M.Ps.
  • Preparation of entry passes for the officials for Parliament for the meetings.
  • Matters relating to PMO and Cabinet Secretariat,
  • Coordination with all Member Ministries/Departments/Commissions for organizing Meetings on monthly basis for AS/JS level officers and also among Members of SGoS on Welfare.
  • Circulation of pending issues of e-Samiksha portal and its updation.
  • Monthly D.O for Cabinet Secretary./ Monthly Summary of the Ministry.
  • Coordination of Meetings of Parliamentary Standing Committees / Consultative Committee etc.
  • Circulation and Compilation of Replies on List of Points received from Parliamentary Standing Committees from time to time on different Schemes/subjects.
  • Coordination Work relating to Assurances/ Special-Mentions / Matters under Rule 377/Zero Hours.
  • Compilation of Report of Detailed Demand for Grants
  • Coordination work relating to information required by MTA / MoS(TA) / Secy.,TA/Other Senior Officers during their visit to States/UTs.
  • Coordination relating to Right to Information Act 2005 (RTI)
  • Parliament Questions requiring coordination with other Ministries and also with Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs.
  • Quarterly Hindi Report and other weekly/monthly/ quarterly/ annual Reports.
  • Work relating to ‘Republic Day Celebrations like correspondence and coordination with all States/UTs Governments, with Ministry of Defence, Organising Call on with VVIPs, visit of Tribal Guest to different places in Delhi- NCR ,Agra-Mathura etc.
  • Work relating to LIMBS and court cases,coordination with DoLA.
  • Other miscellaneous work as assigned by Senior Officers from time to time.