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Tribal Research Institute

Tribal Research Institute (TRI) is the research body of the Ministry of Tribal affairs at state level . It is envisaged that TRIs should focus on their core responsibilities as body of knowledge & research more or less as a think tank for tribal development, preservation of tribal cultural heritage, providing inputs to States for evidence based planning and appropriate legislations, capacity building of tribals and persons / institutions associated with tribal affairs, dissemination of information and creation of awareness .

There are 27 Tribal Research Institute (TRIs) supported by ministry of Tribal Affairs,Government of India.

Centres Of Excellence

Centre of Excellence recognised by the Ministry of Tribal Affairs ,Government of India is an institute/organization of National or Inter National repute with potential to undertake action research in the fields of tribal development . In order to support the research studies on regular basis, Ministry of Tribal Affairs has been considering for quite some time to identify institutes / organisations of Centre of Excellence to involve them for working out a long term and policy oriented research studies for the development of tribals of the country.

Research Projects/Studies

Only reputed institutions, universities, State Tribal Research Institutes (TRIs), Institutes affiliated with UGC / AICTE and State/UT recommended NGOs shall be considered for award of research studies in the field of Tribal development.

Affirmative Action

Affirmative Action of National Tribal Research Portal aims to seek information/best practises from various organisations (Govt. Companies /PSUs / Private Companies / NGOs / Foundation / Societies) working for the upliftment of tribal communities without receiving any funding from Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Govt. of India.