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GIS-Enabled Entitlement Tracking System (GEET)

One of the many challenges faced by vulnerable and poor communities is availing the benefits of scores of social welfare programmes run by both Central and State Governments. In the absence of proper information, or clarity regarding eligibility, a large section of the population, especially tribal communities based in rural and remote areas, are literally 'left out'.

GIS Enabled Entitlement Tracking (GEET) System, a joint initiative of United Nations Development Programme and Ministry of Tribal Affairs creates awareness and facilitate connecting beneficiaries with their eligible social entitlements while allowing administrators and scheme implementing agencies to track and review their outreach and response.

GEET helps map individuals and households to the social security benefits they are entitled to, across Central and State schemes and programmes, on a single platform. It offers an interactive platform where the user can search for eligible schemes and look for customized information based on his/her socio-economic parameters. On one hand, GEET connects the beneficiaries to their eligible schemes and on the other hand, it acts as a centralized portal for the implementing agencies to monitor the progress and coverage of various schemes across different parts of the country.

Salient Features

  • Database of state and central schemes at one platform acting as a single point of access of welfare scheme information.
  • Any individuals can identify welfare schemes and programmes that they are eligible for by providing basic details such as state name, gender, age, caste, etc. with little dependence on external resource persons
  • For each scheme the individual is eligible for, GEET provides - a brief description highlighting the benefits under the scheme, the department responsible for the scheme, and the documents needed for availing the scheme.
  • Provision of a unique ID to track target groups.
  • Versatile design which provides for adding and editing functionalities for schemes, eligibility criteria, and individual details.
  • Online and offline (mobile application) modes maximising reach in areas with limited internet bandwidth. GIS-enabled dashboard with spatial and temporal information on eligibility and utilisation of welfare schemes.
  • Provision for registering grievances.
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