Forest Rights Act

Scheduled Tribes And Other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition Of Forest Rights) Act, 2006

The Forest Rights Act (FRA), 2006 recognizes the rights of the forest dwelling tribal communities and other traditional forest dwellers to forest resources, on which these communities were dependent for a variety of needs, including livelihood, habitation and other socio-cultural needs. The forest management policies, including the Acts, Rules and Forest Policies of Participatory Forest Management policies in both colonial and post-colonial India, did not, till the enactment of this Act, recognize the symbiotic relationship of the STs with the forests, reflected in their dependence on the forest as well as in their traditional wisdom regarding conservation of the forests.

The Act encompasses Rights of Self-cultivation and Habitation which are usually regarded as Individual rights; and Community Rights as Grazing, Fishing and access to Water bodies in forests, Habitat Rights for PVTGs, Traditional Seasonal Resource access of Nomadic and Pastoral community, access to biodiversity, community right to intellectual property and traditional knowledge, recognition of traditional customary rights and right to protect, regenerate or conserve or manage any community forest resource for sustainable use. It also provides rights to allocation of forest land for developmental purposes to fulfil basic infrastructural needs of the community. In conjunction with the Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Settlement Act, 2013 FRA protects the tribal population from eviction without rehabilitation and settlement.

The Act further enjoins upon the Gram Sabha and rights holders the responsibility of conservation and protection of bio-diversity, wildlife, forests, adjoining catchment areas, water sources and other ecologically sensitive areas as well as to stop any destructive practices affecting these resources or cultural and natural heritage of the tribals. The Gram Sabha is also a highly empowered body under the Act, enabling the tribal population to have a decisive say in the determination of local policies and schemes impacting them.

Thus, the Act empowers the forest dwellers to access and use the forest resources in the manner that they were traditionally accustomed, to protect, conserve and manage forests, protect forest dwellers from unlawful evictions and also provides for basic development facilities for the community of forest dwellers to access facilities of education, health, nutrition, infrastructure etc.

  • To undo the historical injustice occurred to the forest dwelling communities
  • To ensure land tenure, livelihood and food security of the forest dwelling Scheduled Tribes and other traditional forest dwellers
  • To strengthen the conservation regime of the forests by including the responsibilities and authority on Forest Rights holders for sustainable use, conservation of biodiversity and maintenance of ecological balance.

  • FRA Literature (Act, Rules, Guidelines and FAQ)
  • Guidelines and Executive Directions Issues on FRA
  • Resources on FRA
  • Monthly Progress Report
  • Executive Directions on Rehabilitation and Resettelement
  • Concerned Laws and Policies
1. Guidelines and Executive Directions Issues on FRA
GED-1 Awareness Building for FRA implementation_Latter to Andhra Pradesh dated 11.01.2008.pdf
GED-10 Encroachment on Forest land during implementation of FRA dated 04.03.2010.pdf
GED-11 Sou-motto review of Rejection_Letter to Madhya Pradesh dated 04.03.2010.pdf
GED-12 FRA Implementation_Letter to Tripura dated 05.04.2010.pdf
GED-13 Convergence with MGNREGA and schemes of MoTA in tribal areas with FRA 28.04.2010.pdf
GED-14 Convergence with MGNREGA and schemes of MoTA in tribal areas with FRA 10.06.2010.pdf
GED-15 Reason of Rejection dated 15.07.2010.pdf
GED-16 Monitoring with SLMC - letter dated 20.07.2010.pdf
GED-17 Regarding improving FRA implementation_Letter to Assam dated 25.07.2010.pdf
GED-18 Convergence with MREGA and Schemes of MoTA dated 27.07.2010.pdf
GED-19 Expedite implementation of FRA dated 09.08.2010.pdf
GED-2 Actional points for implementation of FRA_Letter to Andhra Pradesh dated 31.01.2008.pdf
GED-20 Review of Implementation of FRA_Letter to Rajasthan dated 31.08.2010.pdf
GED-21 Convergence with MGNREGA and schemes of MoTA in tribal areas with FRA 27.09.2010.pdf
GED-22 Reproting of Rejected claims 10.11.2010.pdf
GED-23 Expedite implementation of FRA dated 27.12.2010.pdf
GED-24 Expedite implementation of FRA dated 20.01.2011.pdf
GED-25 FRA implementation Guidelines dated 12.07.2012.pdf
GED-25A Review of high rate of Rejection in LWE areas dated 12.09.2014.pdf
GED-26 Training and use of technology dated 28.04.2015.pdf
GED-27 Roadmap of FRA implementation in states with low implementation through campaign mode dated 10.06.2015.pdf
GED-28 Guidelines for geo-referencing and Potentiality mapping_27.07.2015.pdf
GED-29 Conducting exclusive Gram Sabha for FRA_letter to Chhatisgarh dated 10.08.2015.pdf
GED-3 Request for FRA implementation Report dated 25.02.2008.pdf
GED-30 Competion of FRA process in timebound manner_Letter to Jharkhand dated 12.08.2015.pdf
GED-31 Implementation of FRA in Hill Districts of Assam dated 09.09.2015.pdf
GED-32 Approval of Gorakhaland Territorial Administration dated 08.10.2015.pdf
GED-33 Expedite Implementation of FRA dated October 2015.pdf
GED-34 Seeking Disintegrated reporting of ST _ OTFD dated 08.12.2015.pdf
GED-35 Convergence_ TSP funds for FRA dated 21.03.2017.pdf
GED-36 Convergence_ DMF Funds for FRA dated 5.04.2017.pdf
GED-37 Suo-motto review of Rejected Claims dated 16.06.2017.pdf
GED-38 Status of Pending Claims under FRA dated 07.06.2018.pdf
GED-4 Convening Gram Sabha for consideration of FRA claims dated 03.12.2008.pdf
GED-40 Convergence_Letters to Line Ministries dated 13.07.2018.pdf
GED-41_Extending PM-KISAN Yojana to Forest Right Patta holder_11.02.2019.pdf
GED-5 Distribution of FRA titles_letter to Odisha dated 22.09.2009.pdf
GED-6 Implementation of FRA in Assam_Letter to Assam dated 22.09.2009.pdf
GED-7 Community Partnership in Consevration and planning dated 05.01.2010.pdf
GED-8 Comprehensive forest dependent community development plan dated 05.01.2010.pdf
GED-9 Convergence for FRA Right holders_Letter to Chhattisgarh dated 28.01.2010.pdf

2. Implementation of FRA in Protected Areas
CWH-1 For identification and notification of CWH dated 27.09.2007 .pdf
CWH-10 Conferring Forest Rights in CHW dated 12.03.2018 _ 28.03.2017 .pdf
CWH-11 TDD Nomination for declaration of CWH dated 06.03.2018.pdf
CWH-2 Low implementation of FRA in National Park _ Sanctuaries dated 06.05.2010.pdf
CWH-3 Compliance of FRA before relocation from National Park _ Sanctuaries dated 30.08.2010.pdf
CWH-4 Independence of FRA procedures to identification of CWH areas dated 03.09.2010.pdf
CWH-5 Eviction without settlement of forest rights dated 24.05.2012.PDF
CWH-6 FRA standpoint on Guidelines for Tiger Conservation _ Eco-Tourism dated 14.09.2012.pdf
CWH-8 Response to suggestion for amending FRA dated 05.01.2015 .pdf
CWH-9 Compliance of FRA before relocation from National Parks _ Sanctuaries dated 10.04.2015.pdf

3. Minor Forest Produce
MFP-1 Clarification on conflicting provisions between FRA and PESA dated 20.02.2008.pdf
MFP-2 Processing Gram Sabha claims over MFP dated 22.07.2010.pdf
MFP-3 Ensuring fair returns to MFP collectors dated 02.01.2014.pdf
MFP-4 operational manual of scheme mechanism for marketing MFP 25.01.2014.pdf
MFP-5 Inter relationship between FRA and PESA with reference to MFP dated 13.02.2015.pdf
MFP-6 Ownership rights of Tendupatta_Odisha dated 03.07.2017.pdf
MFP-7 MSP to MFP revision letter dated 11.01.2019.pdf

4. Community Rights and CFR Rights
CFR-1 Gram Sabha jurisdiction dated 01.09.2011.pdf
CFR-2 Ownership rights of Tendu Patta dated 04.05.2010.pdf
CFR-3 clarification for vesting of CFR with VSS_JFMC dated 06.08.2013.pdf
CFR-4 Guidelines regarding vesting of CFR 23.04.2015.pdf
CFR-5 Clarification for vesting of CFR with VSS_JFMC dated 20.08.2015.pdf
CFR-6 Recognition and vesting CFR dated 22.09.15.pdf
CFR-7 Cross learning on CFR management dated 20.11.15.pdf

5. Conversion of Forest villages into Revenue villages
FVRV-1 Process of Conversion of Forest Villages into Revenue Villages dated 25.02.2008.pdf
FVRV-2 Progress of Conversion and Grants_Letter to Tripura dated 05.04.2010.pdf
FVRV-3 Conversion of Forest villages into Revenue villages dated 11.09.2013.pdf
FVRV-4 Guideline for Conversion of Forest Villages into Revenue Villages dated 24.06.2013.pdf
FVRV-5 Clarification and Guidelines for conversion of forest village dated 08.11.2013.pdf
FVRV-6 Directions on record of rights adn conversion of Forest villages dated 03.03.2014.pdf
FVRV-7 Conversion of Forest villages into RV dated 30.01.2018.pdf

6. Development and FRA
DoFL-1 MoEFCC_Procedure ofr Diversion of forestland for nonforest purpose dated 30.07.2009.pdf
DoFL-10 FRA clearance Exemption_Sivok-Rangpo dated 14.11.2018.pdf
DoFL-2 Position of law against MoEF_CC circular dated 3rd Aug 2009 dated 07.03.2014.pdf
DoFL-3 Existing guidelines for diversion of forest land dated 27.08.2014.pdf
DoFL-4 Guideline for diversion of forest land for non-forest purposer dated 21.10.2014.pdf
DoFL-5 Clarification regarding FRA clearance causing delay dated 12.11.2014.pdf
DoFL-6 FRA implementation in North-East region dated 24.02.2015.pdf
DoFL-7 Diversion of Forest Land for Non-forest purpose dated 12.10.2015.pdf
DoFL-8 Clarification on Diversion of land under FRA - letter dated 14.12.2015.pdf
DoFL-9 Compensation under LARRA dated 01.11.2018.pdf

7. Municipal areas and FRA
Urban-1 Clarification on applicability of FRA in Municipal Areas dated 12.04.2013.pdf
Urban-2 Applicability of FRA in Municipal Areas dated 29.04.2013.pdf
Urban-3 Applicability of FRA in Municipal areas dated 05.03.2015.pdf

8. Implementation of FRA in LWE affected areas
LWE-1 Implementation of FRA in LWE areas_Letter to Jharkhand dated 02.07.2009.pdf
LWE-10 Ensuring rights _ settlement in LWE areas dated 26.08.2015.pdf
LWE-11 LWE Districtwise reporting dated 13.10.2015.pdf
LWE-12 LWE Districtwise reporting dated 19.10.2015.pdf
LWE-13 Review of high rate of Rejection in LWE areas dated 12.09.2014.pdf
LWE-2 Development and Law _ Order in LWE areas dated 31.08.2009.pdf
LWE-3 Expedite FRA implementation process dated 31.08.2009.pdf
LWE-4 Report Implementation of FRA_Letter to Andhra Pradesh dated 14.09.2009.pdf
LWE-5 Development and Law _ Order in LWE areas dated 11.11.2009.pdf
LWE-6 Regarding LWE MIS dated 24.12.2009.pdf
LWE-7 Review of high rate of Rejection in LWE areas dated 12.09.2014.pdf
LWE-8 Review of high rate of Rejection in LWE areas dated 15.06.2015.pdf
LWE-9 Information of implementation of FRA dated 22.06.2015.pdf

9. PVTGs
PVTG-1 Revised scheme of development PVTG dated 20.03.2015.pdf
PVTG-2 clarification regardinging habitat rights dated 23.04.2015.pdf

10. Specific issues

10.1 Forest Offences
FO-1 Disposal of petty Forest offence case dated 13.05.2008.pdf

10.2 Clarification on _Primarily reside in
PR-1 Implication of Primarily Reside in dated 09.06.2008.pdf

10.3 Record of Rights
RoR-1 Directions on record of rights dated 03.03.2014.pdf
RoR-2 Need for RoR compliance dated 02.05.2018.pdf

10.4 Section 3(2)
Section 3(2)-1 procedure for seeking prior approval for diversion of land under section 3(2) dated 18.05.2009.pdf
Section 3(2)-2 Use of Section 3(2) for bigger projects dated 02.11.2018.pdf
Section 3(2)-3 Borewells under Section 3(2)_Telengana dated 07.12.2018 .pdf
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Executive Directions on Rehabilitation and Resettelement for seeking clearance on Hydro-electric projects

R&R Plan Lower Kopili Hydro-Electric Project_07.02.2018

R&R2_Kalasindh Major Multipurpose Irrigation project Rajasthan_11.06.2018

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Awards & Achievements