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There is a vast disparity between the health outcomes of India’s tribal population vis-à-vis its non-tribal population. Aggravating this problem is the near complete absence of data and information on the health and nutrition situation of different tribal communities. This often emerges as the biggest bottleneck to decision-makers as they design policies and interventions to address these gaps.

The Centre of Excellence (CoE) for Knowledge Management (KM) aims to bridge existing knowledge gaps in the areas of tribal health and nutrition. It curates data, information, learnings and practices from different sources such as partner Ministries, Tribal Research Institutes (TRIs), NGOs and CBOs working in the tribal regions. It has created a single platform Swasthya: National Tribal Health Portal as a one stop solution which aims to facilitate the exchange of ideas, information and learnings among stakeholders; leading to evidence-based and data-driven decision making.

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About the organization

Piramal Swasthya is one of the largest implementing agencies of primary healthcare programmes in India with a vast and diverse experience. The primary health services provided by Piramal Swasthya include screening and identification, use of point-of-care diagnostics, promotive, preventive and curative interventions. Over the years, it has worked with NHM and State Governments in 10+ States, Corporates, PSUs and international organisations such as Plan International, MacArthur Foundation and World Diabetes Foundation.

It has over a decade’s experience of working with the tribal communities of Andhra Pradesh, implementing its unique community-based model to enhance maternal and child health and nutrition outcomes. More recently, it has partnered with NITI Aayog to transform the health and nutrition systems in 25 Aspirational Districts spread across 7 States of India.

About Initiative
Progress of Project

In a short span of time, the CoE has been able to analyse the landscape of information available on tribal health and map organisations working in this area. Some of the milestones achieved by the CoE include:

  • Launch of Swasthya: National Tribal Health Portal –A one-stop solution consolidating information on tribal health and nutrition in India
  • Establishment of Sickle Cell Disease Support (SCD) Corner -a web-based patient-powered registration system that collates all information related to Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) among tribal people in India, including proving them a platform to register themselves if they have the disease or the trait.
  • Initiation of ALEKH: A Learning Endeavour for Knowledge in Healthcare –A quarterly e-newsletter which captures the recent developments in tribal health, focussing on interventions, innovations, case studies and champions from the field.
  • Tribal Health Compendium – Compendium presenting District/ Cluster level health and nutrition data specifically for the tribal population, using the NFHS-4 dataset.
Awards & Achievements
Awards & Achievements