Research and Media

  • Introduction

      The Research and Media division supplements and propagates the policy of Inclusive development of the country. This not only requires special welfare programmes for the Scheduled Tribes but such programmes need to have respect and understanding of their culture and traditions and empathy towards the social, psychological and economic problems, they face. Therefore, there is a need to preserve and promote various aspects of tribal culture and heritage, including their values of cooperation, community feeling, music, dance, literature, language, festivals/ religion, knowledge and indigenous technology, skills, arts and handicrafts etc. Equally important is the need to provide for a more focused advertisement plan in the development interventions in order to generate awareness among the targeted ST beneficiaries so that they can approach the system for the services due to them. In addition to above, there is a continued need for evaluation of efficacy and effectiveness of various tribal welfare programmes and inflow of research inputs provided on a continuing basis for formulation of legislation, policies and programmes for tribal development.

  • Organisational Structure