Norms for allocation


            Norms for Allocation for Special Central Assistance 

  • Release of SCA would be entirely based on the utilization/ performance by the State Governments.
  •  SCA funds earmarked by the Ministry to ITDPs should be released directly to the ITDP by the State Governments.
  • Transfer of funds to implementing departments/ agencies, if required, should be done by the ITDPs.
  • SCA is released for the economic development of the following: 

a)     Integrated Tribal Development Projects (ITDPs) are generally contiguous large areas of the size of one or more Development Block in which the ST population is 50% or more of the total population.

b)     Modified Area Development Approach (MADA):  These are identified pockets with a concentration of tribals 50% or more ST population within a total population of a minimum of 10,000 persons and above.

c)     Clusters:  These are identified pockets of tribal concentration containing 50% or more ST population within a total population of about 5,000 or more.

d)     Primitive Tribal Groups (PTGs):  Identified isolated communities among the STs characterized by a low rate of population, a pre-agricultural level of technology and extremely low levels of literacy.

e)     Dispersed tribal population outside (a), (b), (c) and (d) above.


  • The TSP component of various Departments/ Sectors under the State Plan should be put in a separate           Budget Head of the Tribal Development Department of the State.

  • Of the total allocation under SCA to TSP, an amount of 10% is released to the States based upon a         system of weighted criteria, listed below:


a)     Adoption of the TSP approach in letter and spirit by ensuring that the entire TSP funds at least in equal proportion to the population of tribals in the State, are placed in one Budget Head under the administrative control of the Tribal Development Department of the State Government for more integrated and focused planning and implementation of projects/ schemes;

b)     Thereafter, at least on an average 75% of the approval Tribal Sub-Plan funds are actually utilized/ released to the implementing agencies in the previous three financial years through the budget head of the Tribal Development Department of the State; and

c)     Funds awarded, as incentives to the State, should be utilized only for employment and income  generating activities benefiting the tribals.


  • 90% of the total allocation under SCA is further allocated amongst the States on the basis of the share of the programmes under the broad strategy of the Tribal Sub Plan, namely, Integrated Tribal Development Projects (ITDPs), Modified Area Development Approach Pockets (MADA), Clusters and Primitive Tribal Groups (PTGs) and is calculated in proportion to the Scheduled Tribe Population under each programme.


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