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Directions and Clarification


Directions and Clarification

General Executive Directions on Implementation of FRA, 2006

Clarification regarding approval of Gorakhaland Territorial Administration as competent authority -  letter dated 08.10.2015

Implementation of FRA in Hill district of Assam  - letter dated 09.09.2015

Guideline for use of Geo-referencing for assessment of potential areas and re-examination of rejected claims  -  letter dated 27.07.2015

Roadmap for FRA implementation in states with low implementation through campaign mode   - letter dated 10.06.2015

Training and use of technology for proper implementation of FRA, 2006  - letter dated 28.04.2015

Reporting of Rejected claims   - letter dated 10.11.2010

Review of high rate of rejections of FRA claims in Left Wing Extremism (LWE) affected areas - Issues regarding – letter dated 12.09.2014

Convergence with MGNREGA and schemes of MoTA in tribal areas with FRA   - letter dated 27.07.2010 and 10.06.2010 and 28.04.2010

Monitoring with SLMC  - letter dated 20.07.2010

Implementation of Forest Rights Act in Protected Areas

Eviction due to non-settlement of forest rights -  letter dated 24.05.2012

Eviction of STs & OTFDs from premises of National Parks & Wildlife Sanctuaries without settling rights -  letter dated 21.06.2010

Relocation of people from tiger habitats -  letter dated 08.09.2009 and 08.09.2008

Guidelines to notify critical wildlife habitat -  letter dated 27.09.2007

Minor Forest Produce

Inter relationship between FRA and PESA with reference to MFP -  letter dated 13.02.2015

Guidelines for operational manual of scheme mechanism for marketing of MFP -  letter dated 20.01.2014

Ensuring fair returns to MFP / NTFP gatherers -  letter dated 02.01.2014

Community and Community Resource Rights

Recognition and vesting of Community and Community Resource rights -  letter dated 22.09.2015

Clarification for vesting CFR rights with VSS / JFMC etc -  letter dated 20.08.2015 and 06.08.2013

Guidelines regarding vesting of CFR its management -  letter dated 23.04.2015

Ownership rights of Tendupatta under CFR -  letter dated 04.05.2010

Conversion of Forest villages into Revenue villages

Clarification  and Guidelines for Conversion for forest village -  letter dated 08.11.2013

Directions on Record of Rights, Caste and Village map - letter dated 03.03.2014

Development of FRA (including Diversion of Land)

Guidelines for diversion of forest land for non-forest purpose- letter dated 21.10.2014

Existing guidelines for diversion of forest land and provisions of FRA - letter dated 27.08.2014

Procedure for seeking prior approval for diversion of land under Section 3(2) - letter dated 18.05.2009

Position of law against MoEF&CC circular dated 3rd Aug 2009 - letter dated 07.03.2014

Municipal Areas and Forest Rights Act

Applicability of FRA in Municipal areas - letter dated 05.03.2015

Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups (PVTGs)

Clarification pertaining to recognition of Habitat Rights - letter dated 23.04.2015

Revised scheme of development of PVTG - letter dated 20.03.2015

Specific Issues

Forest Offences -  letter dated 13.05.2008

Clarification on Primarily Reside in -  letter dated 09.06.2008

Record of Rights

Directions on Record of Rights, Caste and Village map - letter dated 03.03.2014

Grant of Land rights under taungya cultivators -  letter dated 06.05.2010



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