Direct Benefit Transfer

 A decision was taken by the Central Government to roll out Aadhar  based Direct Benefit transfer system for providing benefits directly to the  beneficiaries of identified schemes of the Government in 43 notified  districts w.e.f 1st January,2013


2. The following schemes of this Ministry have been identified for  rolling out Direct Benefit Transfer to beneficiaries in       the identified  Districts:-

  • Post Matric Scholarship for ST Students
  • Top Class Education Scholarship
  • Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship

3. On the basis of directions given by this Ministry, the concerned  States/UTs as well as implementing agencies have started disbursing  the scholarships/fellowships directly into the Bank accounts of the  beneficiaries in the identified districts (34 districts with ST population out  of the 43 identified) in respect of the above schemes


4. It has since been decided to roll out Direct Benefit Transfer in the  2nd Phase to beneficiaries of the same      schemes in 78 more districts w.e.f.  1.7.2013. Out of these, the Ministry of Tribal Affairs is concerned with 68  districts.Concerned States/UTs have been directed to take all necessary  preparatory action for successful rollout in the identified schemes in the  additionally identified districts also, w.e.f. 1.7.2013.





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