Cooperative Planning & Regulation/ M&J

 Basic objective of the division is to implement policies/ legislations intended to provide better livelihood support to the Scheduled Tribes people and provide them protection from different types of deprivation and atrocities.


The scheduled Tribes, who depend on Minor Forest Produce (MFP) for their livelihood are unable to get fair price for MFP due to ignorance and exploitation are supported by the Ministry through Grant-in-Aid to State Tribal Development Cooperative corporations etc. with the mandate to purchase MFP from tribals paying them remunerative prices for MFP to support livelihood, for economic sustainability and promote marketing of tribal products & produce.  Grant-in-Aid is also provided to Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India Ltd. (TRIFED), which ensures purchase and sales of tribal products/produce and provide training support etc. for skill up gradation and value addition. CP&R is the nodal division for implementation of Prevention of Atrocities and Protection of Civil Rights. In addition, the division looks after matters related to displacement and rehabilitation of tribal population. All irrigation and flood control projects need to take clearance from the Ministry on their Rehabilitation and Resettlement plan if such projects cause displacement of tribal population.


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